Kashan Baadraan chain stores

  • Country : Iran
  • Address : No. 62, Shahid Saadati St., Namaz Boulevard, Taleghani Ave., Kashan.
  • Mobile No. : 09211638726
  • Phone No. : 03155446250


Baadraan chain stores have been operating in Baadraan since 2016. The stores, currently 20 branches worldwide, are set up in Iran and Afghanistan and are going to be implemented in other countries including Iraq, Georgia and Oman. You can purchase all of Baadraan's manufactured products in these stores at an incredible 50% discount using Boost Card. These products include different types of popular brands in Iran in different commodity groups such as cosmetics, cellulose, food and health products.

ServicesKashan Baadraan chain stores

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