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Tourism News | 2020/02/07

Botanical Garden in Tehran

Botanical Garden in Tehran is a place where a wide range of indigenous and non-indigenous plants are kept in an open area or in greenhouses and plays a significant role in various fields of research including phytology, gardening, and public education In addition, the botanical garden is used as a genetic reserve for endangered plants. There are also enough facilities for studying and researching about biodiversity and protecting them. Thanks to different scientific methods, it is now possible to identify plant species and their distributions. The garden includes various sections such as rock garden, medicinal plants, Arboretum, systematic garden, Chinese and Japanese gardens, fruit garden, greenhouses and plant nursery sections along with some other parts. This garden, as one of the largest botanical gardens in the world, is full of beautiful flowers and plants, and during spring, walking along the charming small lake and gardens can be a memorable experience. It has been tied to design the garden in such a way that represent Iranian gardens. To do so, a square with four boulevards in four directions are constructed in the middle of the garden. This complex is now open for public from Saturday to Wednesday.