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ar==Afif-Abad Garden @@fa==باغ عفیف‎ آباد@@en==Afif-Abad Garden
shiraz | 2020/02/07

Afif-Abad Garden

Afif-Abad Garden in Shiraz is an ancient garden which was constructed during safavid era and has been the vacation residence for many kings since then. When the garden was under construction, a two story mansion was built in the middle which is still in the same condition and hosts many visitors of Afif-Abad Garden in Shiraz. The facade of this mansion is really eye catching due to the columns and nice blue tiles used in the decoration. Nowadays this mansion is allocated to the museum of war weapon which adds to the joy. This mansion is surrounded by many tall green trees and while you are there, you have the opportunity to enjoy the fresh air. In addition to what have been mentioned, there is a historical bathhouse and a traditional teahouse that visitors could use. Just treat yourself and travel to Iran so you would feel a nice ambience along with the pleasure of visiting a lot of attractions in different types.